Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nice, late start

8-28-09 day 87
start: Wadleigh Stream Lean-To, ME
end: Hurd Brook Lean-To, ME
daily mileage: 19.6
total mileage: 1147.1

Even with 6 people in the shelter, somehow noone got up until around 9:15! Possibly because it's been so cool recently (with such cold nights) that noone wanted to get out of their bags. Anyway, this is several hours after we normally wake up naturally from the sun, so that was weird. We were a bit worried about a 10:00 start with 20 miles to do, but the terrain was so flat and easy all day that it flew by.

We moved fast all morning, though both crocs began to tear significantly by lunch (and the strap broke off one of them). We got in for lunch around 1, and I spent the whole time repairing my crocs - duct tape and thread for the rips and string for the strap has got them good as new again! They're not even that much less comfortable than boots!

We got a bad weather forecast for K-day, which disappointed everyone in our growing group (us, Whisp, Rabbit, Monty, and Zoltan). Hurricane Danny. It can rain, I guess, but please don't let it be a Class 4 day! (The Baxter State Park folks close the mountain on super bad weather days, classified as Class 4 days.)

We ran into another southbounder in the shelter - he's only been out for 2 days! Isn't that cute??

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