Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Return of Whisp!

8-19-09 day 78
start: Little Bigelow Lean-To, ME
end: Pierce Pond Lean-To, ME
daily mileage: 17.3
total mileage: 1010.5
We had a long day ahead of us but the terrain was super easy. The trail followed low lands around the shores of various lakes and was flat as a pancake with one minor exception when we climbed over Roundtop Mountain. We busted out the 7 miles to the first shelter and what started as a short break turned into an hour of reading and being lazy. The walk along the lake shores was fantastic, very relaxing, and the views out over the Maine lakes were fantastic. We met up with our friend Bon-Bon and stopped for lunch along a fantastic sandy beach. It was really nice. We had a great afternoon on the lake trail and got into the Pierce Pond Shelter early. Bon-Bon, Huck Finn, and Oblivious are all here too. The shelter is built right on a lake and we took and invigorating brisk swim. It wasn't all fun and games however as I was the victim of a brief but traumatic leech attack. It latched onto my leg just above the knee and as I thrashed to get my balance and stand up in the water he fell off. I don't know how much blood he got away with but I think I can still make it to Katahdin.
As we all hung out around the camp fire, who shows up but our long lost friend Whisp! We had been ahead of him for a week or so and it was nice to meet back up. The big anticipation for the evening was eating pancakes the next morning at a nearby lodge. Whisp informed us that we couldn't just show up and had to make a reservation. The question then became who was to walk the mile up the road to let the guy know there would be 6 hungry hikers in the morning. To make it fair we drew straws, and of course I got the short one and proceeded to make the arduous 10 minute journey. The owner/caretaker, Tim, is a really nice guy. While I thought I was just putting in a pancake order he wanted a lot more information about everyone meals that I was not prepared to give. "How many will want coffee? How many will want eggs? Bacon? Bacon and eggs?" Whoa, I don't know dude-I can tell there are six of us but that's about it. He also had a half dozen humming bird feeders outside, and the most humming birds I had ever seen in my life. I'm not even exaggerating when I say 25-30 birds all in one place, it was awesome.

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