Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You Momma Nexus!

10-23-09 day 143
start: Bald Mountain Shelter, TN/NC
end: Hogback Ridge Shelter, TN/NC
daily mileage: 10.1
total mileage: 1865.4

We woke up to crazy wind howling past the shelter. We had 'till 2 to go 8 miles and we were nice and snug in our bags, so no hurry. 2 o'clock of course was the time Momma Nexus was meeting us at Sam's Gap with the bounty of Chick-fil-A! We eventually set off into the wind and soon climbed out of the shelter of the trees and onto an open ridge. The wind up there was outrageous! The kind that could blow you over if you weren't careful. Disney had just acquired an big floppy purple hat back in Erwin so he had fun wrangling that out in the gale. We made awesome time to Sam's Gap, around 12:30, so we made lunch number one and then sat around reading until it was Chick-fil-A time.

We sat in the wind and Momma Nexus showed up just in the nick of time to save us from sitting in the rain. We all piled into the van and ate delicious, delicious, Chick-fil-A. After stuffing ourselves and not super eager to step out into the weather we sat and chatted until around 4. Our plan to tackle another 10 miles was scrapped in favor of a nice easy 2, to the shelter. Once we got there we found some trail magic of soda had been left at the spring. We had eaten so much we don't even feel like dinner so we are just hanging out and reading before bed.

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