Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogging Marathon in Erwin

10-21-09 day 142
start: Curley Maple Gap Shelter
end: Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel @ Erwin, TN
daily mileage: 4.2
total mileage: 1838.4

Something got us motivated and moving early this morning and we tore up the 4 miles into town. We had heard a few reports of the Erwin police harassing hikers in the past so we were curious about that prospect as we entered town. Uncle Johnny's Hostel is across the bridge over the Nolichucky River. We stopped in a borrowed some bikes to ride into the town proper. After inflating some tires and minor repair we were off and moving. I had a sweet orange girls beach cruiser, and Disney was sitting astride a barley functional old mountain bike. Sure enough within a quarter of a mile his back tire blew out, and left with not other option he proceeded on the rim while the bike rattled and complained loudly.

The business of the day was primarily to update the blog, which as many of our reader will be aware was in dire need of posts. After an early lunch at Sonic it was to the library for a 4 hour marathon blogging session. We finished most of the blog by around 3, and decide to forego our planned 6 more miles and stay in town to finish our work. Two Sonic trips, and 5+ hours and we had caught up. We took the bikes up to the Family Dollar to re-supply, buy some gloves, and Halloween costumes! I also picked up a couple pairs of ladies pantyhose to keep my legs warm at night. Also I think they make me look sexy.

After shopping we realized we had way too much stuff to ride back with and Disney was afraid his bike would explode so we gave Claire a call over at the hostel and got picked up. We snagged some beer on the way back and stayed up watching Ren and Stimpy, CB$ w/ Chris Rock, and Rainman.

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