Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its Snowing!

10-17-09 day 137
start: Kincora Hostel, TN
end: Mountaineer Shelter, TN
daily mileage: 15.6
total mileage: 1781.3

We still had a bunch of food so we made another big breakfast before heading out. It was still cold out but the rain had stopped and I think we all had the same itch to get moving. Bob told us about a program called Hardcore. Its a trail maintenance trip that takes place the weekend after Trail Days. So after you hiked and got to use the trail and then indulged in all the debauchery of Trail Days you can make penance buy helping to fix trail, sounds like a good program. It uses hikes under the theory that they are the ones with the legs to get back into places other people can't work.

We all left except No Money and Fiddler who were only headed 6 miles, we gotta keep moving so I don't know if we'll see No Money again. It was an awesome brisk day and we moved fast. I think all of us felt great to be back out. When I say brisk, that only lasted down in the valley, by the time we got back up in the mountains it was down right cold, then it started actually snowing! Again we did the quick lunch of snacks and stuff before pressing onto the next shelter. Mountaineer Shelter is nice and big, and better yet way down off the ridge so we could escape some of the cold. It was still freezing down there so with frozen hands we fixed dinner and then bundled up with all we had and jumped in our sleeping bags. We even got the tarp out to lay over top of ourselves a trap in more heat. Its gonna be a cold night...

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