Wednesday, October 21, 2009


9-29-09 day 119
start: Holy Family Catholic Church Hostel, @ Pearisburg VA
end: Holy Family Catholic Church Hostel, @ Pearisburg VA
daily mileage: 0.0
total mileage: 1552.4

Up at 8 and over to the church to meet Father Pernelli on his invitation for coffee. When I say the man could talk, that's putting it mildly. The Father kept us going for 3 hours, regaling us with hilarious stories from a lifetime of adventures in the service of the Church, and filled with more than a few colorful words. After four pots of coffee and nothing to eat we when back and Disney and I whipped up a great breakfast of pancakes and eggs.

Disney went back over to the church to give Father P a hand with his computer. In the meantime I spent the lazy cold fall day, loafing around the rustic, cozy, old, hostel and kept the wood fire burning. News came back that Father P offered to pay for breakfast supplies if we wanted to run and get then for the morning. Another trip to Wal-Mart was in order anyway to re-supply, so we picked up some breakfast stuff as well as brats for tonight. We met a new face at the store, 'Icarus' is from Italy and was on his way to the hostel too.

At dinner time it became apparent that everyone had the same idea with the brats. The night became know as "Bratzapalooza". Disney and I fixed ours with an egg on the bun and put down 5 each...epic. We all sat around shootin' the breeze and having a good time until late that night, feeling great after a nice easy 0.

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