Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Halcyon Days of Autumn

10-1-09 day 121
start: Woods Hole Hostel, VA
end: Woods Hole Hostel, VA
daily mileage: 0.0
total mileage: 1562.8

We woke up at at 7:30 to the call of pre-breakfast coffee. We sat around drinking coffee and Neville prepared some fantastic biscuits. After breakfast, we sat around feeling lazy and jammed out a couple more choruses of 'Country Roads'. Folks, this is the way bad decisions happen. Neville came over and suggested that she would give us half-price meals if we all decided to 0 again and help build the fire pit, oh man. Gootch responded with, "Can we ruminate for a minute?...", then to us very candidly, "I'm in". So after a 0 and a ten mile slack pack we 0'd again, not our finest hour.

We got to work on the fire pit and honestly it was great. I was the kind of work where the weather is fantastic and you're together with a what are quickly becoming good friends. We were joking and laughing, and just having a great time. That's not to say the work progressed very efficiently. Without any clear directive it became a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of affair, not to mention the never ending game of fetch that went on with the dog, Amakooah. Because we are all SOBOs we inlaid stone AT symbol pointing south.

When we finished, we stood around admiring our work, and Michael came around the side of the house with a cat carrier filled with Yueingling. Nice, a day of work capped with a couple of beers. Neville took us down the road to a neighboring field, just because it was a nice place to frolic. And frolic we did, everyone was so cheerful and happy, was truly amazing.

Back at the house we lit a fire in the new pit while a lovely dinner of pizza and pasta was prepared. We sat around the fire all night jamming and singing. Put a guitar in his hands and turns out No Money can really play and sing. All and all it was an idyllic autumn day filled with whimsy and mirth.

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