Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peace Out VA, Its Been Fun...

10-13-09 day 133
start: The Place @ Damascus, VA
end: Double Spring Shelter, TN
daily mileage: 18.5
total mileage: 1733.8

After our sweet 0 we had, in fact, accomplished nothing, so we had to go grocery shopping this morning. After buying what we could from the Dollar General, we went over to the outfitter to see if they could fix the tips on Disney's poles. They ended replacing the whole bottom sections of his Black Diamond poles with Lekis so that's cool. After fixing the poles the guy at the shop evidently decided he and Disney were friends and offered him a Mountain Hardwear hiking kilt (man-skirt) with a broken clip for free. Those things probably go for $50 or 60 retail so he got a pretty good deal. Around 10 the post office finally got the weekend shipment of packages and we went and picked up some nice care packages, thanks guys!

We finally left town around 11:30 but were able to move quickly over the easy terrain. Soon after leaving Damascus we crossed the long sought after VA-TN state line and were able to say goodbye forever VA! We got to the shelter around 6 and met up with Buffalo, Icarus, and Root Beer Float. No Money showed up later. We also met Nexus for the first time who was out with his girlfriend, who would be accompanying him for a few days. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain tonight and stay wet for the next couple of days, lame.

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