Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mighty Brushy Mountain

10-3-09 day 123
start: Dismal Falls, VA
end: Helvy's Mill Shelter, VA
daily mileage: 18.2
total mileage: 1593.0

I left this morning without filling my water bottle from the millions of gallons that were pouring over the falls. I didn't think much about it at the time but regretted my decision later. We spent the day on a ridge and climbed to the top of a bump on the ridge called, "Brushy Mountain". This would be totally inconsequential except for the fact that we climbed another point today also called Brushy Mountain, and looking ahead in the book we have 3 more Brushy Mountains as well as a Little Brushy Mountain. I mean really, that's not even a great name to use once let alone 6 times. Tell you what VA, if you are running out of ideas for names of peaks name one "Sea Monster Mountain"

We met up with Gootch, Bacon, and Fiddler at lunch. We had enough water to cook our food but I was defiantly regretting not filling up. No Money showed up just as we were leaving. Just before the shelter we met a family out for a couple of days. It was two brothers, their boys, and grandpa. They were nice people,and they have us marshmallows.

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