Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If Watching Moustraps Go Off is a Rousing Evening...You Might be an AT Thru HIker

11-6-09 day 157
start: Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC
end: Wayah Shelter, NC
daily mileage: 16.3
total mileage: 2059.6

We woke up with the sun to find our sleeping bags and gear soaked with melting frost. They don't call it adventure sleeping for nothing! We stuffed our gear in our packs and skedadled without incident. There was an open bathroom across the street, attached to the General Store, so we popped into to find it was heated and there was a bench. Seizing the opportunity we ate breakfast and repacked out stuff in there.

We made some nice early miles and while waiting at a shelter for Disney, Fiddler and Tin Man showed up; they'd been a the NOC in a cabin last night. A map at the shelter of the southern Nantahalas revealed a great short cut opportunity. I copied the map down so we could reference it later when the time came. Just after lunch we came upon one of North Carolina's many fire towers. The view from the top was great, 360 degrees and out in the warm bright sun. All four of us plugged along to the destination shelter and met a new Southbounder named "Statesboro". A while back Fiddler picked up some mouse traps and we had some good sport watching Darwin's forgotten children wander to their doom. "Oh, here comes one...there he goes, SNAP...got 'im" Awesome.

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