Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween in the G-Burg

10-31-09 day 151
start: Grand Prix Motel @ Gatlinburg, TN
end: Grand Prix Motel @ Gatlinburg, TN
daily mileage: 0
total mileage: 1973.6

The fact that our plans are always subject to change was never more evident than in the proceedings in Gatlinburg. Yesterday we were going into town for an hour than back on the trail. Of course vampire movies sucked us into staying. No problem, we'll just get up early and crank out 19 today. Or sleep in 'till checkout and cut it back to 13. OK, 13, solid plan. We packed up and set out into the rain and over to the outfitter to give Steve and Wendy a call in order to get a lift back up to the Gap. We couldn't get a hold of them right away and it was raining pretty bad and it was suppose to clear up tomorrow and we were going to be on the much anticipated Clingman's Dome next...so we found ourselves back at the Grand Prix checking in for another night. 0 in Gatlinburg!

First order of business was to go up to the room and explore Halloween Special opportunities on television. We watched the Munsters, Halloween, and assorted other mindless schlock. Truly it was a lazy day and very little was accomplished. After a certain point we decided to check out exactly what Gatlinburg had to offer. We walked down the strip and perused a number of stores where we could outfit ourselves with ninja equipment, awesome. Back at the motel we had an unexpected surprise, our old friend No Money was checking in! After loafing around all afternoon and evening we picked up some Halloween beer and chilled out while we got sucked into a 3+ hour Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman movie called Australia. After the film it was time to suit up and hit the town to see what G-burg Halloween scene had to offer. I say suit up, but Disney hit the sack, and No Money didn't have a costume, so I was alone as the prettiest princess in Gatlinburg. I'd spent the afternoon altering the 8 year old's princess dress I'd picked up.

Me and No Money had a good time at the bar. I spent most of my time scoring 1/2 price and, indeed, free drinks by telling the female waitresses and bartenders, "Baby, I just walked here 2000 miles from Maine to see you and you won't gimme a drink deal?!" Sweet. All in all good night and seriously we are getting out of this town tomorrow...

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