Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Plans As of Right Now

So as you probably know Connor and I will be hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, taking us until mid-October or so. However, to start our adventure we will have some company. Eric, Dustin, Ryan, and Emily will be our traveling companions for a couple of weeks while we get settled into our new transient lifestyle. We will leave from Centerville on the 2nd of June, drive the ~8 hours to Harpers Ferry, WV and with some tricky logistical work we will leave vehicles at the predetermined exit point for our comrades to get home. They will take all the vehicles leaving Connor and I to set off on our own. We will hike until the trail ends in Maine then hitchhike or tele-port or something back to Harpers Ferry, turn around and head south till the trail ends in Georgia, ie "flip-flopping". Aside from some advanced online gear purchases, this is literally the extent of our planning for the next 5 months. Do we know how we are getting back to Harpers Ferry from Maine? No. Do we know how to get home from Georgia? No. Honestly I don't even have the trail guide I ordered yet, but whatever, Lewis and Clark didn't have no stinkin' trail guide either. Lack of planning is what makes it an adventure right?

Basically, I'm gonna walk the Caine in "Kung Fu". Walk from town to town, meet people, get in adventures.


  1. This is Nathanael. Chuck is my blogging pseudonym. This is my comment:

    Train hopping! Do it! From Maine to Harpers Ferry!
    1. Look up (on Google Maps) the yard nearest to Ktaadn.
    2. Hitchhike to it.
    3. Take something southbound out of it.
    4. If you get close to Harpers Ferry, hitchhike there. If you don't, catch another train until you do get close to it.
    5. Brag about it.

  2. Connor if i dont talk to you before you read this i totally agree with my cousin. Remember we even talked about this that one time? We'd be just like old timey tramps and vagabonds!

  3. Here's something good that I've read about how to hop without getting killed or imprisoned:
    I highly recommend looking up pictures of the various kinds of cars that he mentions in the last section, so you have an idea of what to look for when you're getting on.

  4. What happened to the Pacific Crest plan??

  5. Connor, I'm jealous. This trip is going to be unreal. I'll be back the east coast July 8 - 21st. Let me know where you think you'll be in that time and maybe I'll be able to make it out and do a day or two with you guys! Be flexible and let it roll to you. You'll no doubt meet a lot of people along the way that will have more set plans that you can bounce idea's off of, but realize that Katadin is in the middle of NO WHERE (though I'm sure most hikers will give you a lift with out much trouble). After hiking the JMT, our 'Will trade pizza and beer for ride' sign got us picked up in about 3 hours.

    Best of Luck!

  6. Connor, Best of luck to you and Travis. What a wonderful adventure. ENJOY! We'll be thinking of you and looking forward to reading your blogs. Love, Grandma

  7. good luck -on your adventure --dan